Testing & Quality Assurance
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Yield (percentage good/pass) is the prime quality control focus for TAURUS factory. Yield is tracked, graphed and reported in terms of DPPM: defective parts per million. In our production line for molded cable assemblies P-Charts are used to monitor our quality. We have an upper control limit line and supervisors are notified whenever we have an above upper control limit reading and corrective and preventive actions are taken on the spot before production is resumed. X bar R charts are use in our cable harnessproduction line. Pull test are performed and height of terminals measured constantly in order to assure a good crimping and all these are recorded in our chart. Supervisors are notified and corrective and preventive actions are taken whenever a reading is above control limit. All workers in our factory are trained, tested and approved for various operations. Workers badge displays functions they are qualified to perform. Those who are qualified for testing are retested regularly. Other monitoring is done during production process. For example, regular verification that soldering irons are at correct temperature and regular calibration of test machines and regular verification of test adapters.

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